Woman arrested for stealing phones and wallets from fitness center

Ramnagar Police Station in Dombivli on Friday June 10 arrested a woman for stealing mobile phones, money and other items from the bags of fellow female gym members at a fitness center in the Dombivli region. The woman was arrested after a complaint from the gym owner.

The woman used to come to a gym in Dombivli (East) to exercise and when leaving the gym she stole mobile phones and money from the bags of other female members of the gym, informed the police.

After seven female gym members complained to the gym owner about the theft, he thought about getting his hands on the woman in the act.

Speaking to the FPJ correspondent, the owner of the Dombivli gymnasium said on condition of anonymity, “I have been running a gymnasium here for many years and many wealthy women come to the gymnasium to exercise regularly. . A few days, cellphones, money, earphones and money were stolen from their bags. The women complained to me about it. The gym is equipped with a CCTV system. No one outside has easy access to the gym. In such a situation, I had a question in my head as to who would steal women’s cell phones. As the thefts increased, I suspected that a woman who came to the gym to exercise regularly was committing this theft. So, to catch the woman in the act, I kept three specially numbered Rs 100 notes in my bag and placed it on the platform at the main entrance. After placing the bag, I stepped aside. Also, all other gym members and people were told that no one would come around the bag and I sat in a CCTV control room. The suspicious woman after finishing her exercise on her way home drew her attention to the bag. Seeing no one around, she reached into the bag and pulled out three 100 rupee notes. I could see everything from the control room and as the woman was leaving I stopped her at the entrance and caught up with her. The woman said she had done no such thing. I immediately contacted Ramnagar Police Station after which they arrived at the scene and made an arrest.”

Sachin Sandbhor, Senior Police Inspector of Ramnagar Police Station, said: “When we received a call from the owner of the gymnasium regarding the theft of mobile phones and other items over the past few days, we reached the gymnasium and, with the help of a policewoman, we carried out a thorough investigation. After checking her bag, we found stolen Rs 100 bills in the gym owner’s bag. We arrested her and recovered a mobile phone stolen, money, earphones and cash. These items were stolen from other women’s bags. We have returned all items to their owners. The woman has confessed to the crime and returned all objects to the police.

One of the officers from Ramnagar Police Station said, “The woman had sold the stolen mobile phone from a gym to a trader on Shivmandir Road in Dombivli for Rs 2,500. We released the woman on the understanding that ‘she would never do such an act Her husband Rajaji runs a Paan shop in the Dombivli district near the gymnasium Our investigation revealed that her husband bought her a mobile phone worth Rs 70,000. 5-year-old baby. She had to be released because no one came forward to file a complaint against her.”

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